There are a number of firms that offer environmental consulting services, and most of the smaller ones concentrate their work in specific markets. Others specialise in particular services, such as environmental impact assessment or audit, crossing all industries. The bigger consultancies have more often than not grown out of business that initially made their names in areas such as waste management, civil engineering or water and sewage.
The client bases of consultancies have all sectors of commerce and industry, and also local and central government, in the UK and internationally.
Various other employers of environmental consultants consist of: local authorities; state and federal government; non-governmental and wildlife organisations; pressure and preservation organizations.
In the longer term, prospects are likely to be increasing further afield in the developing territories of India, China and South America.
Consultancy is the single largest recruiting sector for environmental professionals.
Legislation stays the major driving force for growth in the UK environmental industry, very closely followed by new development and infrastructure/regeneration.
The best growth areas in consultancy are predicted to be climate change/emissions management and waste management and sustainability, followed closely by environmental impact assessment and contaminated land.

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