tree spirit
There are countless ways we can participate in the creation and support of well-being on our magnificent planet. Yet for me I think the place to begin is simply to recognise and appreciate what we have here, the extraordinary diversity and expressions of life are awe inspiring, and allowing ourselves to connect with that on a feeling level helps sustain us personally, as we make the effort to extend ourselves out to nurture and protect what we can.

If on the other hand we spend too much time focusing on what is ‘going wrong’ we may get an initial charge that spurs us into action and perhaps complaining conversation, hoping to drive others into action, but in the long run, what can tend to happen is that we deplete our energies and make ourselves the victim of overwhelm and despair; that we can never do enough to fix all these problems. Can’t you feel it now, as you focus on all these problems your energy seems to just drain away?

This is why it is important to not only take the actions to support the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants but do it in a way that sustains our well-being in the process. So how do we go about ensuring that we are doing this? Firstly, ask yourself the following questions;

What is it that most inspires me about mother Earth?
What would I most want to ensure that coming generations can enjoy, just like I have enjoyed?
What are my natural talents and abilities that when I do them I lose myself in the pleasure of taking part?
How could those gifts contribute to the preservation of the aspects of mother Earth that I love the most?

Can you feel the difference in inquiring into these questions compared to ‘what’s going wrong’? Now imagine if everyone were to ask themselves these questions, what could be achieved? I feel inspired thinking about it, and reminded of a quote “I’d rather have one percent of one hundred peoples’ efforts than one hundred percent of my own.” Let’s be inspired and inspire each other to do what we can that builds and sustains a world of well-being for all.