What is Sowelu about? Sowelu is an ancient word that means wholeness, not merely completion – but rather the acquisition of a true conscious awareness of all aspects of oneself. Sowelu is about being more deeply connected to all that you are and expanding that consciousness out to extend beyond the confines of what you would in ‘normal consciousness’ think of as the limits of you. Is the body your limit? What about your personal relationships? Your possessions? Where do you stop and another begin? How useful is it to think like this anyway?

environmental wholenessWe believe that in being connected to the interconnectedness of us all, the planet and all of its inhabitants, the ‘normal’, everyday worries and stresses fade and are replaced by an awareness that is beyond everyday but can give meaning and purpose to the everyday choices and activities we engage in. In a word that awareness is love. Not the misunderstanding of love we can have, characterised as limiting and possessive, love that is tainted and twisted by fear, but the true essence of love. The kind that appreciates what it sees and can’t help but flow out in warmth, in generosity and upliftment. The kind that gives and feels nothing but joy in the giving. The kind that can’t tell who is receiving more, the one receiving or the one giving. What is it like if we perceive the challenges we face in our modern way of life and in the world as a whole through this kind of awareness? What alters? That is the question we are asking, and what we have found personally in answer to that question, is that new realms of possibility open up from which we can live and contribute to the world around us. It is an unfolding and never ending adventure of consciousness to be thoroughly enjoyed, every last bit.

environmental wood

In summary, it is our awareness and our focus that gives us the world as we experience it, and only a shift in our awareness can transform the challenges we face, both personally and collectively.